Mustad Red Baitholder Fishing Hooks

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The Mustad Baitholder hook could be used when fishing for large bream, snapper and trevally, dusky flathead, plus many other fish species in the estuaries and on close offshore reefs and gravel beds. You could also use it when bait fishing for golden and silver perch, bass and trout in the fresh.

It features a long shank with 2 baitholder slices in the shank, a turned-down eye and a natural bronze finish. It is razor sharp and will penetrate the fish's mouth within a blink of an eye.

A great hook to use when using the following baits: pipis, pink nippers, peeled prawns, worms and strips of squid. The slices in the shank of the hook will help to stop the bait from sliding down.

  • Needle point
  • A Baitholder hook suitable for use with soft baits
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