3 x Pkts Mustad Ultrapoint Darter Jig-heads size 5g Jig Heads

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Qty = 3 Packets 5g Mustad Jig-heads

Mustad Darter Jig-Heads are built using there best Ultrapoint chemically sharpened hooks.

Darter Jig heads are designed to reduce water resistance allowing anglers to gain enhanced feel of their baits. Whether using soft plastics, paddle-tails or curl-tail grubs, Mustad's Darter Jig-heads enhance feel while preserving the natural soft-bait action. Superbly balanced and constructed from a durable lead-alloy, they are suited to both freshwater and saltwater fishing environments.

Jig-Head Design Features:

  • Darter head designed for added action
  • Nor tempered Ultrapoint chemically sharpened hooks
  • Triple bait holder rings on shank
  • Convenient plastic carry sleeve

Qty = 3 Packets

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