5 x Frog Lures 100 mm Popper Soft Frog Fishing Lure Surface Barra Lure Cod Trout Bass

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X 5 Frog Lures
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Bionic silicone skin soft frog lure With Legs

1. Made of super soft and elastic material,super-strong and super-sharp hooks
2. The tough double-hook design gives it a excellent hooking action, improves the chances of keeping the fish on, and hookup rate.
3. Super durable hooks are positioned perfectly to be 100% weedless, allows it to be worked over weed choked areas or lily pads without Snagging up.
4. Flow-through design and interior weighting system keeps it from sinking or snagging, ensures solid hookups
5. With a hollow body and realistic body design, it makes the frogs-walking action on open water easy and more irresistible to many species of fish all around Australia.


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