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x 100 Swivels


Brass Barrel Swivels are arguably the most popular swivels among fishing enthusiasts. These swivels earn their reputation from their simple, yet effective design.

The other plus about brass barrel swivels is that they are the cheapest swivels you can find in the market, helping you make your fishing trip a memorable one without breaking your budget.

Swivels are created for one basic purpose, and that is to prevent tangling and twisting of the line during casting and retrieval. Barrel swivels are the most affordable option to mitigate dreaded line twist. They are designed with a closed body (barrel), and two line attachment rings. These are used to attach the line originating from the rod and reel on one end and the other end you attach your main rig or working line.

Due to its effective design, the brass barrel swivels are especially of useful for prolonged trolling. The design greatly minimizes line twist that can be generated by lures and hooked fish.

Features and Specifications

  • Quantity 100 pcs
  • Simple and effective design
  • Prevents fishing lines from twisting and tangling
  • Distributes pressure evenly along the swivel’s body
  • Use with monofilament and braid.

Note: Price is for 1 bag only (100pcs) Choose the size that you require when ordering. Prices vary depending on which size you choose

Swivel Size Break Rating (Approx) Best Suited for use with lines
Size 1 65lb Mono 20lb to 50lb, Braid 30lb to 60lb
Size 2 60lb Mono 20lb to 40lb, Braid 15lb to 50lb
Size 4 55lb Mono 15lb to 30lb, Braid 15lb to 50lb
Size 6 48lb Mono 10lb to 25lb, Braid 15 to 30lb
Size 8 38lb Mono 15lb or lighter, Braid 20lb or lighter
Size 10 30lb Mono 12lb or lighter, Braid 15lb or lighter
Size 12 20lb Mono 10lb or lighter, Braid 15lb or lighter


  • Effective for prolonged trolling
  • Affordable bulk option you'll never be caught short
  • Virtually eradicates line twist that can be caused from lures, baits and hooked fish.
  • By using a swivel you can increase the life of your fishing line. Excessive line twist can cause countless hassle and detract from your days fishing.

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