10 x Snapper Sinkers Reef Deep Sea Fishing Lead Sinkers Several Sizes Available

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One of the most popular sinkers for boat fishing, the snapper sinkers are always in demand because of their effectiveness and ease of use. A must have for any recreational angler hoping to return home with a big catch!

The snapper sinkers are elongated almost bullet shaped with a fixed point to tie the main line to.

The shape allows the sinker can drop right down without causing any sort of flutter, cutting through the water without spinning. Making it an excellent sinker for dropper rigs.

The design of the snapper sinker is also great for shore based anglers who have to make long casts to distance reefs or gutters as the aerodynamic shape cuts through the air increasing distance!

Snapper Sinkers come in varying weights usually. The size of the Snapper sinker used is dependent on where these sinkers are used, the depth, the current, line class and the prey you are targeting.

Features and Specifications

Sinker Size Sinker QTY
1oz (approx 28 grams) 10pcs
2oz (approx 56 grams) 10pcs
4oz (approx 113 grams) 10pcs
8oz (approx 226 grams) 10pcs
12oz (approx 340 grams) 10pcs
16oz (approx 453 grams) 10pcs
  • Elongated almost bullet like design
  • Commonly used off the boat or off the surf rocks and beaches
  • Very easy to setup


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