Solar Charge Controller 30 amp PWM Solar Regulator 12V 24V Auto

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12V/24V Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller 30A PWM LCD **Quality Units**
2 Year Australian Warranty = Peace Of Mind
Heavy Duty Quality Units
Ctrade Australia is a registered Australian Business
All Our Products are top Quality and on the shelf in Australia and ready for immediate dispatch

Max 390w of solar panels 12v

Max 780w of solar panels 24v 

LCD Display
12V/24V auto adapt,LCD display Volts and Amps,USB Charge Points.
Automatically manages the working of solar panels and the batteries in your solar system.
Overloading & short-circuit protection. Reverse discharging & reverse-polarity protection.
Under-voltage and over-charging protection. Protection from lightning strikes.
This Unit Prolongs the battery life cycle, and keeps the load working well.
This controller can charge and discharge at the same time. It has a perfect  SOC function, control charge current, and supply power to the loads. 
The controller will automatically compensate the temperature of the  charging voltage according to the changes of ambient temperature.
This unit is very stable and has a Thermal Temp sensor.
Battery Voltage: 12V/24V auto adapt
Max Solar input:<50V
Battery Over Voltage Protection 16.5v
Equalization: 14.4v/12v system,28.8v/24v system
Float:13.8v(adjustable)/12v system,27.4v(adjustable)/24v system
Charge reconnect:13v(adjustable)/12v system,26v(adjustable)/24v system
Discharge stop:11v(adjustable)/12v system,22v(adjustable)/24v system
Discharge reconnect:12.6v/12v system,25.2v/24v system
Self-consume Load Max 10 amp On/Off Load is for low amp light etc only.
Fridges etc that are high amps, correct method connect direct to the battery on all regulators.
USB output: 5V/2A max
Operating temperature:-35 degree -- +60 degree
Size/Weight:188*93*42mm / 270g
Safety Instructions:
  • Make sure your battery has enough voltage for the controller to recognize the battery type before first installation.
  • The battery cable should be as short as possible to minimize loss.
  • The regulator is only suitable for lead acid batteries: OPEN,AGM, GEL
  • It is not suited for nickel metal hydride, lithium ions or other batteries.
  • The charge regulator is only suitable for regulating solar panels. 
  • Never connect another charging source to the charge regulator.To the Battery is ok. 
System Connection:
  • Connect the battery to the charge regulator - plus and minus.
  • Connect the solar panel to the regulator - plus and minus.
  • Correct wiring method for heavy amp accessories, is to connect them direct to your battery
  • Please Note Correct Wiring Sequence Is very important for solar Regulators to work Properly, the reverse order applies when disconnecting all wires from the regulator, to reset the unit.

Package Includes
1 X  30A Solar Charge Controller
1 X  User Manual English

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