LDSOLAR 30A PWM Solar Regulator Charge Controller 12v 24v Auto

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LDSOLAR 30 Amp Quality Solar Regulators
Model SD2430S
2 year Australian Warranty

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      Sky Dream Series: Top Quality Units Built To Last The Distance

30 Amp SD2430S 2 year Australian Warranty. we also have 40 Amp in this model

Heavy Duty Units  


*** Easy To Install ***

12v set up Max solar panels up to 500w

24v set up Max solar Panels up to 1000w

55v Max Solar Panel Input into the Regulator


1.Sky dream series is designed by 32 bits CPU,Which enables the controllers to work faster and more stable.
2.The unique black and red terminals design facilitate your connection in real application. 
3.It can be applied in the solar system which has higher standard over the stability and reliability.


1.32 bits CPU, sampling precision is higher, operation speed is faster.
2.12V/24V DC Automatic identify system voltage.
3.3 stage PWM charging mode: Bulk,Boost, Float.
4.LCD displaying and double button operation of man-machine interface.
5.Sealed,Gel,Flooded battery selection procedure.
6. Load control mode:Sensor mode,Time mode
7. Operation log function:account charging and discharging ampere hour of the system the working days,times of HVD, times of LVD and times of over current protection.
8.Accurate temperature compensation, it can automatically accommodate the charging voltage according to the environmental temperature, optimizing for long battery life.
9.Patented large-diameter with 25mm2, red and black connector distinguish positive and negative pole avoiding wrong operation.
10.5V 1A USB port,CVCC output.



LDSOLAR new design 12 24v 30a Lcd Solar Charge Controller


Safety Instructions:
  • Make sure your battery has enough voltage for the controller to recognize the battery type before first installation.
  • The battery cable should be as short as possible to minimize loss.
  • The regulator is only suitable for lead acid batteries: OPEN,AGM, GEL
  • It is not suited for nickel metal hydride, lithium ions or other batteries.
  • The charge regulator is only suitable for regulating solar panels. 
  • Never connect another charging source to the charge regulator. 
System Connection:


  • Connect the battery to the charge regulator - plus and minus.
  • Connect the solar panel to the regulator - plus and minus.
  • Correct wiring method for heavy amp accessories, is to connect them direct to your battery.



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